We believe that good design must inherently be ‘green’.  We have extensive experience in designing for energy efficiency, responsible material usage, and site responsiveness.  Our design philosophy is focused on whole systems integration - the art of getting multiple benefits from single expenditures. 

One of the most effective uses of our service is to displace the first-phase cost of working with a licensed architect.  We work closely with you to figure out the general building program, explore various form models, and assess site conditions and sustainability factors.  Avoid paying excessive professional fees while getting results that better reflect your style and needs.

We are available to assist with all stages of building, landscape, and product design.  Quickly develop numerous iterations of your concept in dynamic 3D, and visualize conceptual spaces with new clarity.  Develop precise construction documents, calculate complex angles and intersections, optimize solar gain and thermal mass... turning your ideas into reality has never been easier.

explore concepts. Create Building Plans. Improve Your Environmental Footprint.

I initially came to Aaron with a vague idea, a bit of direction, and a specific budget.  He delivered results that made us ecstatic - a testament to his artful combination of creativity and prudentiality. Aaron’s work was indispensable in communicating the vision of my team's proposed distillery to our investors.  The renderings he provided were a critical leverage point in harnessing support for our business.

Jason Albert

MBA Bainbridge Graduate Institute

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