Whether you are building new, planning a renovation, or creating a custom detail, we help to turn your ideas into 3D models and plans.  Professional results that reflect and enable your vision, delivered quickly, at affordable rates.
3D Drafting
We create fast and accurate digital models and renderings for a wide variety of applications, including city planning, residential design and permitting, and building documentation.  
SketchUp Tutoring
Doing this type of work yourself is fun and empowering.  We’ll help you overcome the common mistakes and frustrations in learning how to use SketchUp to create your own drawings.
We develop custom commissions for buildings and landscapes, including furniture, stained glass, signage, and unique outbuildings. The details that make a space come to life.
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FreeFlow Studios provides a modern and intuitive approach to architecture.  Our 3D design tools enable clients to visualize their concept, improving clarity and efficiency in the building process.

We combine modern software with extensive building research and strong aesthetics.  From conceptual visualizations to detailed construction documents, we work with clients to add clarity, performance, and beauty to any project.  All of our work is guided by a philosophy of advanced environmental sustainability. 

We offer a range of services to help with your projects: