Sketchup tutoring

SketchUp is a powerful tool to help you communicate your ideas in 3D.  It is a free download, and can be learned quickly.  There are very good tutorial videos and books available, but spending time with a face-to-face tutor will save time and frustration.  A lot of time and frustration...

Tutoring is available for any level, from beginners to advanced users. 

discover the designer within...

SketchUp gives anybody and everybody the ability to communicate ideas and plans in three dimensions.  From designing furniture to houses, planning landscapes or furniture arrangements, this program helps you to develop rapid and accurate results.  Its also a lot of fun.  We help you to master the essentials and break through the learning curve.


Aaron's skill at teaching the essentials of SketchUp is what helped me take my business to the next level.  Having the ability to use SketchUp to effectively communicate ideas and dreams and then transform them into reality is invaluable in my day to day operations.

Will Schebaum

Lifecycle Integration, LLC

Steeplechase Design